harness the power of
human intuition
and digital logic

"Informed Intuition"


"The ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning"


"Reasoning conducted or assessed according to strict principles of validity"

Love Your Customer

There is an abundance of data and information available to us and, as a result, we use what we call "informed intuition"

We have two distinct mindsets within Cagan Tech: the first is the Analyst and Scientist: using logic and data to engineer integrated solutions for our clients

The second is the Painter and Artist: using creativity and innovation to create vast symphonies of interconnecting customer experiences and journeys

These two mindsets are in perfect harmony with each other 

We use the blend of logic and intuition to help businesses digitally evolve and innovate. 
The same blend is used when we create digital roadmaps for our clients and when we design our own suite of products in balanced ecosystem of "plug and play" solutions or "all-in-one" enterprise system

Whether you are a small business looking for a ticketing system, or a large-scale insurance company looking for an end-to-end digital evolution, we would love to hear from you

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Digital Engineering

We specialise in digitally transforming ecosystems and providing tailored solutions to improve business processes

Digital Engineering 

Digital Roadmap

  With a thorough understanding of business processes and requirements, we design and implement tailored digital roadmaps  

Digital Roadmap

Product Suite

Omni-channelled, integrated solutions that boost productivity and encourage customer engagement

Product Suite

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Our Success

We measure success with our "Happy Customer" scale  

It is the only metric we have

New Customer Signups

Our digital transformation roadmap for a well-known South African private medical aid insurer reduced new customer onboarding times from 7+ days to under 30 minutes

Integrated WhatsApp ChatBot

In the first month, 27% of call centre traffic went through the WhatsApp platform, which allows for "self service" on generic requests

Digital Roadmap

We work with fewer Clients so that we can promise the world and deliver the universe. Our digital roadmaps are fully integrated and completely agile